Free Preliminary File Review

This Includes 

  • Review of the Chart of accounts 

Your chart of accounts can become cumbersome and unmanageable often through generalized and unused accounts. It is imperative to consolidate your Chart of Accounts, so you can maneuver easily, manage your accounts properly, and create a standard for your transactions to come.  

  • Review of the reconciliation history and discrepancies for bank accounts, loans, etc. 

It is easy to overlook the reconciliations for accounts that are not used every day. More times than not interest rates are unaccounted for, principle is skewed, or your payments are sitting in an “other expenses” account leaving your balance unreliable. We want to review and confirm the balances, reconciliation, and discrepancy reports on your accounts to make sure you get ahead of it. 

  • Review of the Profit and Loss year over year 

Transactions accidentally get tied to the inappropriate account more often than you would think. The Profit and Loss report it a great tool to identify outliers in accounts year over year. Having a standard for certain types of transactions is imperative for your taxes, so be proactive about having all your debits and credits classified properly. 

  • Checking for uncleared and unclassified transactions 

It is not rare to see a transaction duplicated, unreconciled, tied to the wrong account, or all the above. We want to confirm that every transaction in the register reflects the reality of the source and reason. Without financial clarity and proper allocation, your budgeting, expense tracking, and forward-facing planning will be skewed by incorrect data.